Laughing Creek Productions was created in 2009 by northwest creative craftsman John Wehman, Seattle, WA, to provide simple, eco-friendly and happy outdoor furniture and art that connects with the environment and brings a smile to all.

Our chairs, love seats, benches and tables are based on classic designs and colors that many times reminds people of outdoor furniture their family or friends might have used back in the 1950's, 60's and 70's.  The original chair design concept dates back over 200 years.

Laughing Creek outdoor furniture is built to last.  Handcrafted quality, attention to detail, listening to our customers, and putting our customers first are very important to us in providing a great product and happy customers.

Our motto:   Relax and Enjoy the Outdoors!

Please be sure to email us with any questions or comments (and to place an order)!  Let's talk!    laughingcreek@comcast.net

To order online be sure to go to our Etsy.com page: