Laughing Creek outdoor wooden chairs provide a classic, timeless look and style with colors that connect with nature and are pleasing to the eye.  

These colorful wooden chairs are made for enjoying the outdoors (and indoors), and are stained and sealed to stand up to most weather conditions throughout the year.   

Creative outdoor furniture to have on your backyard deck and patio, in the garden, front porch, backyard lawn, summer cabin - anywhere you go, Laughing Creek chairs are a friendly invitation to sit, relax and chat.

Many customers also purchase Laughing Creek chairs for use indoors adding a cozy, comfy cabin feel to a living room, sitting area or bedroom. 

Chair dimensions: 36 inches long (back to front legs) x 20 inches wide x 31 inches high x 17 inches deep (seat) - (front of seat is 17" from ground). 

Chair dimension in storage position is 7.5 inches Deep x 20 inches W x 37 inches H.  

One-Color Chair = $179

Two-Color Chair = $225

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Classic Outdoor Wooden Lounge Chairs