For beautiful outdoor decor this year my colorful wooden outdoor wall art will add lively color to your outdoor (or indoor) wall, entryway, fence or garden area.   

When you place one of my Laughing Creek art pieces in your garden and home, you’ll always see a friendly splash of cheerful colors to please your eye during every season of the year. 

Each piece is stained and sealed for outdoor use as well as for indoors, the options for placement are limitless!


Various dimensions: 18" long x 18" wide x 1.5" thick  /  18" long x 12" wide x 1.5" thick /  26" long x 21" wide x 1.5" thick. /  26" long x 26" wide x 2" thick.  Custom Wall Art pieces will vary in size.

You can also order a custom color arrangement for your wall art - choose from 16 Laughing Creek stain colors available.  See Wood Stain Color Samples page.


18" Starburst Garden Art (small size): $69 - $89

18" Starburst Swirl Garden Art (small size): $95

18" Starburst Spark Garden Art (small size): $85

26" Starburst Garden Art (large size): $179 - $200

36" Half Circle Starburst Garden Art (large size): $149 - $200

46" Starburst Garden Art (X-large size) - *local Seattle pickup only due to size: $289

Custom Wall Art: $85 - $400 

 Order through our site: